Our approach

The fan or customer is attracted by relatability or simple relations. We place the talent or business at the forefront to create these opportunities. The traditional marketing industry has forgotten that the fan or customer is “paying.”

In response, Bang Productions employs a system referred to as Reverse Engineered Marketing.

We know that each talent or business has an individual identity and tone. Once established, digital assets are either recycled from the entity’s library or newly created by our team, then injected onto various social media platforms for 30-90 days. During this “discovery period,” analytics unearth the precise sensitivity of the talent or business and are used to cultivate a plan. As more real-time data accumulates, the calibration is refined and determines the correct target audience. These calculations help to build the fanbase or increase customer numbers.

So, letting the brand define itself creates a data-driven foundation and generates synergy making social media entertaining and educational.