In the production world, Hollywood has always been the gold standard where stars are made - or where they burn out. As the internet changes the way that people are exposed to and captivated by talent, it’s more important than ever to understand the psyche of your audience - not just to engage them, but to build a brand and following. Bang Productions offers an entirely new approach to production and marketing that is based on real-time data, trend analysis, and tracking and monitoring consumer preferences to maximize the potential of an artist or client's ability to capture attention without us trying to change who they are or their tone.

Where Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley aka “Silicon of the South”

Bang Productions is where Hollywood meets Silicon Valley aka ‘Silicon of the South” Entertainment through Tech. We are the first production company to combine the two concepts of quantitative with qualitative data to get it right from out of the gate. In an age of reduced attention spans and the desire for instant gratification, artists need to make a splash balanced with “staying power.” That is where we come in: we can “cut" to the chase (literally) in how we present your talent and tone without altering or changing the thing that makes you you for long-term success.

Our Team

Combining Hollywood with Silicon Valley

Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Phillips

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Executive Assistant

Mimi Kozma

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Production Manager

Britney Smith

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